Our Mission & Vision

  • Novak Tennis Center carries out its mission and vision of a unique holistic approach to the preparation and development of young athletes. Our attention is directed at the training process, as well as the educational aspects, and the values of every individual’s character within the Center.
  • The approach and work methods we strive to nurture in our Center are based on life values, will, and the desire for progress and personal development on all levels.
  • We have the support of the greatest world experts, who pass on their knowledge and experience. Our experts implement their system through educational content, as well as the state of the art technology, machines, and devices. This way, we create the environment and development conditions for every individual wishing to work on themselves and share our values and goals.
  • Our philosophy is to create “Champions of life,” who will, with their commitment and effort, achieve their unique goals and results and reach the maximum of their potential. End goal? The development of our athletes into satisfied and accomplished personalities, both on a professional and personal level.