Parents policy

By applying appropriate sports behaviors, we will achieve an honest, healthy and pleasant sports environment. For all ambiguities and problems that will arise in application of the rulebook, parents should contact the amenable person. It is of essential importance to be aware that children behave differently when You are present, so it is crucial to us that You allow us to gain their trust and train with them without Your presence.

  • 1.Only the coach and the child/player can be on the field or in gym during training. The Center stipulates that parents/guardians and family members do not enter the tennis court and gym during training in order to provide coaches and children with better work environment.
  • 2.Respect and regard the coaches of your child, try not to talk to them during training or competitions and never in the presence of the child, but in the previously agreed place.
  • 3.If you have suggestions, constructive criticism and objections to the work of the coach, the team of “Novak Tennis Center” is here to listen to You and take regard of Your opinion.
  • 4.Parents/guardians will be allowed to attend one training session per week, in order to gain insight into the method of work, and only in the presence of and in agreement with the trainer.
  • 5.Physical contact or threats within the “Novak Tennis Center” will be severely sanctioned in the form of a ban of the presence of parents/ guardians within the “Novak Tennis Center”.
  • 6.Verbal communication of parents/guardians or family members with the child/player and the coach during the training is not allowed except in special circumstances.
  • 7.Parents/guardians must not violate the authority of the coach during the conversation with the child, but if there is any kind of dissatisfaction, they can present it in a meeting with the coach or Head coach.
  • 8.The Center will present to the parents/guardians the plan of work and development for the child and in accordance with that, will provide an insight into the progress made in all fields or introduce possible changes in the program and manner of work. Possible suggestions of parents will be taken in consideration.
  • 9.Communication with coaches outside working hours is not practiced, except in agreement with the coach, only when necessary and only in extraordinary circumstances. Respect the privacy of your child’s coach, just as the coach will respect the privacy of You and Your family.
  • 10.Please make payments on time, otherwise you risk losing place in the “Novak Tennis Center” as well as the discontinuity of your child’s training.
  • 11.During the week, each child will play with children of lower, same or higher level.
  • 12.The Center will, through specially designed of workshops and educational programs recommended to parents, provide better insight into potential challenges in the path of professional sports and in this way support parents/guardians in understanding their role.
  • Note: Any violation of the protocol, regulations and code of conduct will be sanctioned.