Parents policy

To create a safe and positive sports environment, we expect appropriate sports behavior from everyone involved. If you have any questions or concerns related to our policies, please contact the designated person. Please understand that children may behave differently in the presence of their parents. To build trust and promote effective training, we request that parents allow their children to participate in our training programs without their parents’ presence.

  • 1.To ensure a productive training environment, only coaches and players are allowed on the field or in the gym during training. Parents and family members are kindly requested to refrain from entering the tennis court or gym.
  • 2.At the Novak Tennis Center, we kindly request that you show respect for your child’s coaches by refraining from talking to them during training or competitions, especially in the presence of your child. If you have any questions, constructive criticism, or objections to the coach’s work, we encourage you to approach our team. We are always available to listen to your feedback and address any concerns you may have.
  • 3. Parents/guardians may attend one training session per week with prior agreement and in the presence of the trainer, to gain insight into the training program.
  • 4.The Novak Tennis Center has a zero-tolerance policy regarding physical contact or threats within our facilities. Any such behavior is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate action, including a ban on the presence of parents/guardians.
  • 5.We kindly request that parents/guardians refrain from verbal communication with coaches during training sessions, except in special circumstances.
  • 6.Parents/guardians are kindly asked not to undermine the authority of the coach when speaking with the child. Any dissatisfaction can be expressed in a private meeting with the coach or Head coach.
  • 7.The Center will provide a training and development plan for each child and regularly update parents/guardians on progress or any necessary changes in the program. Suggestions from parents will be taken into consideration.
  • 8.Communication with coaches outside of working hours is not recommended, except in prior agreement with the coach and in extraordinary circumstances.
  • 9.Ensuring timely payments is crucial to maintaining your child’s place at the Novak Tennis Center. We kindly request that payments be made promptly to avoid any potential disruptions to your child’s participation in our program.
  • 10. Children will play with other children of similar or higher levels during the week.
  • 11.The Center offers workshops and programs for parents to gain insight into potential challenges in the path to professional sports. We aim to support parents/guardians in understanding their role and helping their child succeed in the world of sports
  • Note: Any violation of the protocol, regulations and code of conduct will result in sanctions.