At the ITF tournament in Monastir, our Elena won two titles!

In the finals of the doubles competition, she won first place together with Dejana Radanovic. In the quarterfinals, Elena and Dejana were strong with 2:0 in the sets, against the Kohler/Ly-Nguyen duo, but the semifinals were a bigger challenge.

In the semifinals, Milovanovic and Radanovic won the first set against the Bornay/Saner duo, with a score of 6:4. The opponents one a set back with 7:5. But the Serbian pair claimed the third set, and as it turns out, the title as well.

The final match was not played because the other finalists Wang and Yang withdrew from the match.

In the singles competition, Elena continued her string of successes!

In the semifinals in Monastir, Elena had a tough match against Britain’s Talia Nilson-Gattenby. She lost the first set, with a score of 3:6, but in the next, she “woke up” quickly and fought back with 6:2. In the third set, Elena kept her good rhythm and ended the match in her favor with 6:3 in the last set.

Elena was met in the final by the German Mara Guth, but she was convincing with 2:0. The first set went to a tie-break, but Elena showed more mental toughness. In the second set, everything was easier. Guth failed to hold her serve and the set ended at 6:3 in favor of Milovanovic.

We’re certain this is just the beginning of Elena’s successful winning streak!