Coach policy

“Novak Tennis Center” promotes high standards of moral and ethical behavior and practice. All coaches must adhere to the principles outlined below:

  • 1.The personal conduct of the coach must be in line with high standards of behavior, maintaining a positive name and code of the club. Every coach must be a positive role model for children and a set good examples in practice.
  • 2.Respect yourself and colleagues, respect the children you work with, respect common property.
  • 3.Start and finish trainings in the scheduled time (arrival at the training should be 10 minutes before start).
  • 4.Be aware of your great influence on the education of young athletes and therefore never put greater value on victory than on the highest ideals of character.
  • 5. Coaches must respect the code of conduct, behaviour and dress code in accordance with the rules and values of the Center. Trainings must be performed in sports equipment with the imprint of the club logo, which the club is obliged to provide to coaches.
  • 6.Trainers are obliged to attend meetings once a week, as well as all educational and other contents of the Center. Coaches will be informed about all events via email or message.
  • 7.Inform parents in a timely manner about the progress and results of their children.
  • 8.Coaches are obliged inform the management of the Center about possible problems with players, parents or colleagues, in credible and timely manner and leave the resolution to the management of the Center.
  • 9.Coaches are asked to follow the site regularly, as well as their e-mails through which they will receive notifications about all events in the Center.
  • Note: Any violation of the protocol, regulations and code of conduct will be sanctioned.