Djokovic – Nadal for the 9th time

A clash of world tennis giants that the world has never seen before. In the semifinals of the French Open 2021, the popular Roland Garros spawned another battle between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, but a battle with a special signature. In their new and ninth meeting on the clay court in Paris, the new record set by these champions and legends of “white sport” also set the seal. The best tennis player on the planet, our Novak sovereignly rules the ATP list and from week to week raises the ladder by the number of weeks spent in the first place, he is currently at 324 weeks and his record is constantly increasing with the tendency that no one in history ever reaches this height. Novak won the Grand Slam title, the 18th in a row in 2021, winning the Australian Open in Melbourne. Nadal and Federer are just two titles away from him, with 20 Grand Slam titles each. The Spaniard won the last, 20 Grand Slam title in 2020, in the final of Roland Garros, defeating our tennis giant. The Spaniard is the absolute king of slag, the absolute king of Roland Garros with 13 titles won in the tennis temple of slag. This will be the 58th match between Novak and Rafael. Our and world number 1 leads in victories with 29 in relation to the Spaniard who won in 28 of their mutual meetings. Their first match in history was played at Roland Garros in 2006, and from then until the semifinals in 2021, which will be held on June 11, 2021, they played a total of eight mutual duels on the field of Philip Chartres. For the placement in the semifinals, Novak competed with the Italian Mateo Beretni. It was a match between two ATP champions from Belgrade in 2021. The first, the Serbia Open, was won by Beretini, the second by the Belgrade Open, just a day before the start of the Grand Slam in Boulogne Forest, on the grounds of TC Novak in the Serbian capital, our Novak won. ATP trophy in his hometown. In the quarterfinals of Roland Garros in 2021, Djokovic defeated Beretini 6: 3, 6: 2, 6: 7, 7: 5.