Novak’s 311 for eternity! And it continues…

8th of March is a symbol of struggle, number 8 is a symbol of infinity and 8th of March because nothing happened by chance on the path of life. He reached the record with a fight, by the 311th week on the first place of the ATP list and entered the list of infinity – our and planetary ace of “white sport” Novak Djokovic. He set record after record over the years, constantly pushing the boundaries drawn by his colleagues throughout the long history of the sport, setting the ladder to a new, higher level and giving the task to opponents that perhaps no one will ever reach. Always unique, always passionate in the job he chose, always a champion, always brave, now a hero with the prefix immortal!

Novak Djokovic, an icon of our and world sports, has been enthroned on the pedestal of the best tennis player in history ever now, in terms of weeks spent at the top of the world rankings. Entering the 311th week, he left behind all previous aces, broke another and at the same time one of the most difficult records in this sport. In a magnificent way, as befits him and as he is used to all of us, he started another year, and if the morning shows how the day will be, we will have dream matches, trophies and the continuation of the champion constant of the Serbian and planetary tennis king.

The world record holder in terms of the number of Masters trophies (36 in total so far) in the 2021 season will also attack, as he always pointed out with heart and zeal, one of the most important pedestals that this sport and title can bring him, and that is the podium of Olympic games and gold for Serbia.
The cubes match their pre-known paths and purpose.

Novak’s 311 for eternity! And it continues ..