Novak’s Rhapsody Belgrade Open 2021

Home sweet home!  An old saying, and always so current, which was confirmed to us by the best tennis player on the planet, our sports hero Novak Djokovic. He won 80 trophies in “white sport” across the meridian, of which 18 were the biggest, most appreciated with the prefix Grand Slam. However, there are three that were expressed by our maestro and which are in his heart in a special place, and those are the ATP titles released in Belgrade, on the fields in the heart of Dorcol.

The third ATP trophy in his hometown, 83rd in his career, to whom the whole world is calling, honed on the courts of Novak Tennis Center at the tournament called Belgrade Open 2021, just a day before the start of the second Grand Slam competition in Paris – the French Open. The spectacular finish of the tennis holiday in the Serbian capital was spiced with Novak’s triumph in the final over the tennis player from Slovakia, Alex Molčan, 6: 4, 6: 3.

Novak from his homeland travels Roland Garros illuminated by a new crystal – Belgrade Open 2021 with the sound of thunderous applause sent to him by tennis fans who found themselves in the stands of the Novak Tennis Center and attended the impressive final directed by the best in the world.

Novak’s rhapsody on the world tennis scene has lasted for more than decade and a half, during which he constantly pushed boundaries and set new records for history. The Golden Path continues at an even stronger pace, the challenges are inexhaustible as well as the strength, will, desire, perseverance, courage of our ace that led to sports immortality.

ATP 250 Belgrade Open 2021
ATP 250 Belgrade Open 2021
Novak Djokovic V Alex Molcan 3301
ATP 250 Belgrade Open 2021