Novak’s seventh Wimbledon gold crown

Novak Djokovic’s brilliance in the grass in the temple of “white sport” continues.  The seventh Wimbledon trophy, the seventh crown at the most prestigious tennis competition and the 21st Grand Slam in his career forged the golden racket in the history of this sport, Serbian and world sports ace, our Novak.

 Djokovic continued his reign on the central court of the green Wimbledon dating back to 2018, with four trophies and a low of 28 victories in a row, with a victory in the final of this year’s Grand Slam, in which he defeated the Australian Nick Kyrgios, whose first Grand Slam final in his career.  Novak and Nick have had two fights so far, both on concrete, which went to the Australian, this time Novak showed with a new brilliant game on the London grass that he is the stronger and absolute master of Wimbledon in the last half decade.


 Well done!!!