Ready for battle of his life and history!

One match separates the best tennis player in the world, our Novak Djokovic, from the moment of tennis immortality, from breaking all, but all possible records in this sport. So far, he has moved 99% of the boundaries of “white sport”, there is one more, worth everyone, and that is the breakthrough at the top of the list of players in terms of the number of Grand Slam titles won. If he records a triumph in the final of the US Open in New York on September 12, 2021, in a match against the Russian Danilo Medvedev, the Serbian and world sports ace will rise to the immortality of sports. Not only will he reach the 21st Grand Slam title (currently Djokovic, Federer and Nadal have 20 each), but he will do so in a way that no one has ever written the pages of tennis history. Along with the Grand Slam trophy, there will also be a calendar slam, which was last won by the Australian Rod Laver back in 1969.

In the semifinals, Novak defeated the German Alexander Zverev 4: 6, 6: 2, 6: 4, 4: 6, 6: 2 for a place in his 12th final of the American Open Championship and the 31st Grand Slam final of his career. Novak’s heart has endured many battles, Novak’s courage has been proven countless times, Novak is ready for the task that is reserved only the greatest with the prefix eternal, and he certainly has!

The Djokovic-Medvedev final is on Sunday, September 12, at 9:30 PM Central European Time.

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