General Rules

  • – Please respect the property of the club.
  • – Pet Friendly center
  • – Pets must be on a leash at all times.
  • – It is prohibited to move inventory from the bar/cafe and the restaurant, as well as from the building, to and around the courts.
  • – It is prohibited to bring food and drinks from outside the center
  • – The center is not responsible for any loss of private property.
  • – No changing on the tennis court

Rules of The Court Usage

Customers/players are required to:

  • – Contact the tennis center info desk before the start of their tennis slot (period)
  • – Wear strictly tennis shoes on court and appropriate sports equipment.
  • – Keep the conversation in an appropriate tone and tennis etiquette.
  • – Keep the equipment on the court and the center itself, and to report any defects or damage.
  • – Clean the court after their slot (period) and do not leave things after them (bottles, bags, overgrips, food, etc.)
  • – Return items after use (towels, balls, rackets, etc.) to the info desk.


  • – For parents to enter the court during practice.
  • – Interfere with other courts and other visitors within the center. If, despite the warnings, the customer continues to behave in a way that he or she does not comply with the rules of the center, such customer will be denied the right to use the center’s services regardless of the reservation.
  • – Take off T-shirts and play in inadequate sports equipment (running shoes, shoes, swimwear…)
  • – Smoke cigarettes on the court.
  • – Bring cans and alcoholic beverages on the court.

Court Booking Methods and Policies

  • – Dates can be scheduled via our website, mobile phone, as well as via whatsapp or viber.
  • – Cancellation is possible 48 hours earlier (winter) and 24 hours earlier (summer), otherwise the appointment will be charged.

For all other information, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

  • Probably the best courts I ever visited! All the facilities are in super good conditions. Courts are separated and very well equipped with chairs, water hose, etc. The location is great – there are a few pubs and restaurants on the river just across the pedestrian waterfront road near the courts.

    Dmytro Bobyrev

  • Very welcoming and nice place!

    Zeev Freidin

  • Sjajan centar, sjajni ljudi i to sve kod našeg najboljeg sportiste svih vremena. Prava je privilegija doci ovde. Trenirati, odigrati i popiti pice ili rucati.

    Komlen Lalovic

  • Has a wonderful indoor swimming pool and outdoor as well that can be enjoyed by many along with pristine red clay tennis courts. Restaurant is centrally located and there are nice lounge areas. Well done … All we need are the camera systems for monitoring bad calls on courts.

    Tommy Hill

  • Good place for tennis playing!

    Miodrag Smiljević

  • Great place but windy

    Nikola Djelic