TC Novak in the finals of the Serbian Team Championship for seniors 2021.

The best women’s team TC Novak is one step away from defending the title in the senior competition at the Serbian Team Championship 2021. The current champions reached the new finals with victories against TK Winner 4: 1, then in the semifinals with TK Player zone 4: 1.

To defend the throne, TC Novak members will fight against the TK Dril team, which was better than TK Charon 4: 0 in the semifinals.

The finals are scheduled for Thursday, June 17, 2021, at 10 am on the courts of TC Novak in Belgrade.

The men’s TC Novak team, is in the semifinals of the Serbian Team Championship 2021. They reached the semifinals with a 4-0 victory over TK Agrimes. The battle that leads the winner to the finals will follow, and our best seniors will compete with the TK Player zone team on the courts of TK Đukić in Belgrade.

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