The lightning called Lola!

In the past month and a half, the young grace of Serbian tennis, 17-year-old Lola Radivojević, won four professional titles. Radivojević earned her third professional singles trophy in 2022 and fourth on the professional stage in her career so far in Prokuplje. After her triumph in Heraklion, Greece, where she won two singles titles and one doubles trophy, she won her third singles trophy on the professional stage in her native Prokuplje at a tournament with a prize money of 15,000 dollars.

On the way to the throne, Lola defeated the second and third seeds, and in the final itself, the representative of Germany, Louise Meyer auf der Heide, with the score of 6:2, 6:3.

Radivojević was born in Prokuplje in 2005, exactly when the first women’s professional tournament was held on the courts of TC Topličanin in this city. After 17 years, Prokuplje saw the young and great hope of Serbian tennis win the title of champion for 2022 from this city.

Radivojevic is currently on the 794th place in the WTA list, when the points she won this week are entered, she will “jump” to the 666th place in the world.

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Lola Vest