Fitness team

Per aspera ad astra – with superstars!

Why waste words on describing people that have already proven their credibility and knowledge on the battlefields around the world – when we can simply name a few of the legends of basketball, tennis and other sports who work with us – Vasek Pospišil, Dušan Lajović, Miloš Raonic, Vladimir Radmanović. As members of Novak Tennis Center Fitness team, these (super)stars will ensure that the physical shape of every NTC attendee is under a watchful eye and always at the expected, exquisite level.

Miljan Grbović

Education and Metodologie

Miloš Sokolovic

Fitness Coach

Strahinja Tomovic

Fitness Coach

Tamara Jelic

Fitness Coach

Nemanja Todorovic

Fitness instructor

Zoran Grbović

Fitness coach