Miljan Grbović

Education and Methodology

Miljan Grbovic is a highly educated and accomplished sports professional, with both a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in sports gymnastics. He has a long-standing teaching position at the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education and has coached many successful athletes in addition to working as a fitness coach. Grbovic trained at both GCOLIFK in Moscow and INEFC in Barcelona, which has contributed to his wealth of knowledge and experience. Throughout his career, Grbovic has coached numerous national teams and worked with sports teams that achieved top results. He worked as the coach of the women’s national teams of Yugoslavia, Serbia, and Belgrade. He also worked as a fitness coach for the water polo national team of Yugoslavia (Olympic winners in 1988), the junior water polo national team of Yugoslavia (champions of Europe), and the table tennis national team of Yugoslavia. In addition, he prepared the men’s handball team of Yugoslavia for the European Championship in 1996, when they won 3rd place. Grbovic’s skills were also put to use as a fitness coach for the volleyball team of Serbia from 2006-2013, and the soccer team of Ghana in 2012, at the African Cup, where they won 3rd place. He also worked with the Slovenian national basketball team in 2017, when they became European champions. In 2018, he worked as the fitness coach of the Chinese women’s table tennis team at the Asian Olympic Games, where they became team and individual champions. Nowadays, Grbovic uses his vast experience and knowledge as the head of the gym at the Novak Tennis Center, where he prepares top athletes for achieving the highest results.