Nemanja Todorović

Fitness Coach

Nemanja Todorovic is a highly experienced fitness trainer with a strong background in physical education. He began his career in 2012 as a PE teacher at Stojan Novakovic Elementary School in Blace. In this role, Todorovic introduced his students to the principles of sports, the importance of sports in everyday life, and the significant impact it has on health and quality of life. Todorovic utilized recreational activities to foster self-confidence and interpersonal relationships among children. Between 2014 and 2016, Nemanja worked as a fitness instructor at Fitness First Club in Dubai. There, he developed his skills as a fitness instructor and honed his craft. Since 2016, he has been a fitness and strength coach at Zivkovic Tennis Academy. In this role, Todorovic focuses on the physical preparation of athletes, injury prevention, establishing successful cooperation between players and other coaches, and enhancing communication among them. He graduated from the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education in Nis in 2011.