Sasa Jezdic

Physio team

Sasa Jezdic is a highly specialized physical therapist with degrees from the Higher Medicine School in Belgrade, Physical Therapy Department (1998), as well as Louisiana State University, where he majored in Kinesiology / Athletic Training Concentration (2004). The development of Sasa’s rich portfolio starts in 1998, with the position of the senior physical therapist with the junior basketball team of Red Star. In 1999, Sasa continues his career at the ACU-TENS Specialized Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and in August of 2002, he leaves for America to attend college and broaden his expertise. From 2004 to 2005, Jezdic spent in the St. Francis Cabrini Hospital in Louisiana, where he worked as a certified athletic trainer. After that, in 2005, he leaves for New York, where he works as a certified athletic trainer. From 2009 to 2020, Sasa works at his own clinic in Belgrade, achieving great results, and being a part of the Novak Djokovic’s team of experts, as a part-time physical therapist in big tournaments such as the Australian Open 2013, the Monte Carlo Masters 2013, and Toronto 2012. Since 2020, Sasa is a physical therapist at the Novak Tenis Center, providing his rich expertise in order to create protocols of physical therapy, prevention, evaluation, and treatment of sports injuries, as well as personal training.