Borislav Borovic Vlajic

Tennis coach

Boris Borovic-Vlajic is a former professional tennis player from Belgrade who started playing at the age of 9. He achieved success in all age categories, ranking as a top 5 player in Serbia at ages 12, 14, 16, 18, and in seniors. Upon retiring from playing professionally at age 21, he started working as a coach at TC Olympus. In 2008, he established his own tennis academy, the Belgrade Tennis Academy, after obtaining the C and B licenses for tennis coaching. Throughout his coaching career, he has trained several professional tennis players from ages 12 to 23, including Bojana Jovanovski (as a sparring partner in 2009), Iva Ivkovic (head coach in 2011), Jovana Kenic, Petra Kuzmanovic, Milos Radenkovic, Aleksa Smiljanic, Vitomir Markovic, Milica Cubranovic, and Andjela Dejanovic (as head coach). He also collaborated with Ren Yi, a talented U12 player from China, in 2018.