Marko Pavlović

Tennis coach

Pavlovic, who achieved his career-best ranking of 1815th in the ATP singles category in 2021, started his tennis career at the tender age of 5. He is regarded as one of the top players of his generation in Serbia, having won over 20 state tournaments and being ranked as the best player in Serbia (U18). In 2017, Pavlovic clinched the state championship title in the under 18 category. He turned professional at the age of 18 and has recorded his best ranking to date in 2021. Apart from his success in singles, Pavlovic has also won ATP points in doubles. Although he has been working as a coach for the last two years, he still plays in tournaments from time to time when opportunities arise. Currently, his ATP ranking is 2370. Pavlovic graduated from the University of Belgrade, majoring in business and management. He also holds a Tennis Coach diploma from GPTCA. In terms of his coaching experience, Pavlovic has worked as a sparring partner for Marko Tepavac (174th on the ATP ranking) and Jovana Jaksic (102nd on the WTA ranking), and as a coach at TC Red Star, where he trained kids under 14. He has also coached Elena Milovanovic, who is currently ranked 850th on the WTA rankings.