Mićo Miladinović

Tennis coach

Mićo Miladinović is an experienced coach with an 18-year-long career. He’s worked with over 600 students, coaching players 12-14 years old. He’s the founder of the Play Smart tennis program for young players and works with them on implementing mental preparations and neurofunctional training. Miladinovic has certificates for high-level pieces of training and courses: Tennis coach licenses D and C, awarded by the Serbian Tennis Association Reiki – completed first and second level “NTC Learning System” certificate Mico Miladinovic’s experience acquired so far is extensive: He worked as a coach at TC “Sloboda,” in Cacak, from 2003 to 2008. He took the position of main tennis coach at TC “Haron,” in Cacak, from 2009 to 2013. At the Sports academy Marcus Quay, in Mumbai, he worked as a tennis coach from January to December 2013. At TC “Haron,” in Belgrade, he worked as the main tennis coach, since 2014. At the Tennis Association of Serbia, he did tennis coaching in primary schools. Also, he engaged in organisation of summer tennis camps across the country.