Pavle Bulić

Tennis coach

Pavle Bulic is a highly-skilled former tennis player who has been working as a coach for several years. During his playing career, he held notable achievements such as being the first player of Belgrade U16 and the first player of Serbia U18. Additionally, he was a runner-up at the National Masters U18 and the National U18 Championship in doubles. Bulic was also ranked among the top ten senior players in Serbia. As a coach, Pavle has gained extensive experience working with different clubs and professionals. In 2016, he worked with the tennis club “Drill,” followed by a coaching and sparring partner role at the tennis club “SetNet” from 2017 to 2019. In 2019, he secured a coaching position in Cyprus and later became a coach and sparring partner at the Serbian Tennis Federation in 2020. Pavle has collaborated with several notable talents. He worked with Mihailo Topic, who was the number 1 green level tennis 10s, National champion of Serbia U12, and number 1 in Serbia U12 for three years. He also worked as a sparring partner with Ivana Jorovic, who holds the best ITF rank of 1st and the best WTA rank of 86th, since 2020. Furthermore, he worked with Sava Radovic, the number 1 in Serbia U14, for one and a half years. Every summer in Cyprus Pavle also trains with Thea Gregoriou, who is the number 1 in Cyprus U12.