The taste of victory.

Novak TC caters to not only the desire for trophies and victories but also to the love of gastronomy. Our restaurant features skilled chefs who excel in all aspects of the culinary arts, capable of delighting even the most discerning foodies. Welcome to indulge in our dining experience.

Perhaps the most intriguing and advanced innovation of the many that our great champion had brought to sport in general and to a different understanding of the body and behavior of an athlete is The Nutrition. A revolutionary, holistic approach is not only the way that leads to greatest results, but it also proves fundamental when it comes to your health and the state of mind. Without a carefully created diet plan, results of the highest rank will be missing. Whether these results are related to professional sports or your everyday life, Novak Tennis Centre will help you achieve full inner balance through a different and carefully created diet and nutrition plan.

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