Tennis courts

Let’s play on exceptional clay.

Our courts boast modern surfaces that are used at the largest world tournaments. At NTC, our clay courts are surfaced with Cremonini multi-layered red clay, which is also used at Roland Garros. Cremonini clay is made up of multiple layers that offer exceptional playing conditions. The lower layer provides a durable base for the upper layers and requires minimal wetting, while effectively draining excess water in case of rain. The middle layer is the main component of the clay terrain, offering elasticity, compactness, and efficient water drainage, while giving the Cremonini clay its rich red color. The upper layer is made up of carefully selected red bricks without impurities, known as the “reddest” on the market. Additionally, the windproof tennis top layer, with the same color and composition as the Cremonini top layer, has a larger grain size that guarantees better stability on the court in case of rain and wind.

The multi-layer hard surface DecoTurf is durable, stable and requires minimal maintenance. It is made from several layers of rubber granules, which helps the base “breathe”.

Due to the softness produced by the layers, the DecoTurf surface reduces the pressure on the players’ knees and joints, reducing the risk of injury.

The surface’s acrylic color is highly resilient and impervious to any alterations caused by weather conditions or UV light, thus remaining unaltered for many years.

The surface we use is not only eco-friendly, but also world-renowned and highly sought after by top tournaments. Since 1978, it has been the official surface at the US Open, and is utilized in various other global events such as Dubai, Montreal, Cincinnati, Beijing, Shanghai, and even Davis Cup matches.

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