1. What does the one-week program include?
The standard one-week program consists of 14 hours of tennis and 6 hours of fitness training. In addition, the program provides access to state-of-the-art recovery equipment, as well as tests that provide complete insight into the player’s bio-physical condition. The training program can be additionally adapted to the player in case of injury or special needs. Also, programs are created in accordance with age, competition rank, level of physical fitness and other parameters that are determined after testing by our team of experts.

2. Is there accommodation in the center?
Accommodation facilities within the center are under construction. Until then, our partners are hotels that are 15 to 20 minutes walking distance from the center. In these hotels, we can provide accommodation for each player, at special prices.

3. Does the standard program include meals within the center?
The standard one-week program includes two meals a day – breakfast and lunch.

4. Is the center Pet Friendly?
In our tennis center, your pets are welcome, but they are not allowed to enter the tennis courts or the gym.

5. Is smoking prohibited?
Yes, smoking is strictly prohibited in our tennis center, due to our holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle and the balance between body and mind. Our complete program is dedicated to improving health, and our mission is to promote a healthy way of life. Through meals in our plant-based restaurant, yoga, as well as the training itself, we try to make our approach consistent with the values and lifestyle of top athletes. In this way, each individual in our center will realize their full potential.