Zen Healing Zone

Strengthen your body and mind and give them the peace they need. Thousands of years of human knowledge about the health of the human mind, body and spirit in one place.


Get to know your body with our yoga instructor Nevena Mandić. Through different styles of yoga (hata, aerial, yin, vinyasa), you can help your body achieve wholeness with the mind and feelings. Yoga classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Thai I Relax Masaza

Thai massage

Yuri Morozov will apply the techniques and concepts that are over 2500 years old to restore, relax and bring you closer to your inner world. A unique massage method that combines deep tissue massage, stretching techniques, pressure on acupressure points, and joint mobilization. Due to the integration of different approaches and techniques, this massage can help relievepain and stiffness in muscles, increase the motion range and flexibility of joints, treat injuries, reduce stress, and relax.

Gong Kupke

Gong Kupka

Dive into the healing effects of sound with Žarko Ilić. The sound of the gong can cause profound positive changes in our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Sound vibrations open, clear, and balance energy chakras and release stuck energy. Take a deep breath and let yourself be healed by the sound of the gong.



As part of our Zen Healing Zone, you can relax in the delights of our Spa section. After a relaxing Thai massage or Yoga class, relax in the salt room, steam bath, or Finnish sauna.

Kvantna Medicina

Quantum medicine

Dr. Slavica Stefanović is among the first to introduce quantum medicine, the intolerance test, and other methods of complementary medicine in this area. SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation system) is currently the most complex biofeedback bioresonance computer system built on the principles of quantum biophysics and holistic medicine. SCIO provides an extremely wide selection of energy therapies that are applied either individually or mutually combined. Quantum medicine therapy is absolutely harmless, painless, lasts about an hour, and is done twice a week.



Marcelo Santos is a master of capoeira, a Brazilian martial art based on Brazilian culture where rhythm, music, and movement are the main means of expression. That’s why this martial art resembles a dance and can be practiced at all ages. Every year, Santos visits more than 20 countries around the world, sharing his knowledge of capoeira through various workshops and seminars, and now he is passing his knowledge on to you.